Hair and Humidity

If you are a woman like myself, I’m sure you cringed the minute you read the title of this article. Hair and humidity. It is almost like a death sentence. I know these two words will not in a million years go together from my experience. That being said, I’m sure that all women can […]

Moving Mom into a Retirement Community

There is no clear cut answer of when it is appropriate to move a loved one into a senior living type community. That being said, there are some vital signs an individual goes through during the aging process that shows it might be time for this change. In a general sense, an individual might benefit […]

Security Solutions for You and Your Company

With the increasing case of burglary and theft, you cannot afford to take chances on your security. Intruders are now targeting offices and other business premises. It has reached a point where you must be vigilant and cautious all the time. The nature of security incidents is that you never know when to anticipate a […]

Furnishing Your Home

Owning a home is the quintessential American dream. A down payment for a home can take a significant amount of time to save for and, even after this amount has been paid there are other costs of home ownership that need to be accounted for. In addition to the closing costs on the home you […]