Advantages of choosing Direct TV

Previously, there was just one cable provider available in a certain area. With the help of technology, a few options are available to residents regardless of where he or she is located. Though a number of options are available, residents will find that there is one TV provider that out ranks them all. Direct TV offers conveniences, multiple packages to choose from, and standard professional installation.


One of the reasons that Direct TV is ranked #1 for America’s satellite service is because of the many conveniences it provides nationwide. As long as you have a clear view to the southern sky then you are able to have services installed. This provides many conveniences to consumers because in the event that you relocate to a different area you will be able to take your services with you. This TV service provider is not limited to ground lines like many of the cable companies. Another convenience that this provider offers is the ability to record your favorite show and watch it while you are away from home. With the Genie, customers can schedule their television show or movie to be recorded with the help of their DVR services. Once these recording has finished recording, you will be able to access it on your mobile device. You do not have to wait to get back home to watch the recording.


This satellite provider offers a range of packages that will suit the needs of viewer. Some cable companies only offer two packages with a host of add-ons which can cause your bill to become costly. The packages available through this provider give you the opportunity to choose from six packages. These packages start at 50 channels and go up to more than 315 channels. These packages are fairly priced.

Free installation

A third reason why this television service provider is ranked number one is because of its installation price. When you sign up for service, the company provides you with free installation. This is a plus because many cable service providers do not provide this courtesy. Other companies charge their companies for installation. In addition to offering free installation, this satellite service provider is able to get some customers connected with the service in less than 24 hours. With this advantage, customers are able to begin watching their favorite shows without having to way five to seven days for other companies to come and install services

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