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We Sing in the Sunshine

My family and I grew weary of living in a cramped apartment in the never-ending noise of the city. It was especially difficult for my wife, who was raised in a quiet suburb. We hated the fact that everyone lived on top of each other, and the only green we could see was an occasional […]

Clever Storage Ideas for the Home

Around 95 percent of British people admit to hoarding things – even when these items have well and truly outlived their purpose. Although it can be hard to throw things away because you just never know when you might need them, unfortunately, eventually, you are left with an incredibly cluttered house. From clever storage ideas […]

Three Tips For Understanding Bullies

When you mention the word bully, most people conjure up images of a big brute terrorizing everyone in the schoolyard. Although there may be a few such individuals out there who fit this stereotypical image, most bullies are far less obvious and much more complicated. Here are some often overlooked facts about bullies: Fact #1: […]

Love Them While They’re Here

It was June 19, 2011, Father’s Day, when my mom passed away. She died from cancer at 86 years of age. Life began to change. My sister and I had to get rid of just about everything from the home because we could not afford the expense of storage. My sister came to live with […]