The Benefits Of Utilizing A Disability Advocate

mdd8It has been statistically proven that a person who utilizes the services of a disability lawyer or advocate will receive a better outcome for their case. While you are not required to have an advocate on your side by any means, representing yourself may not be the best choice for you. In addition to receiving a more opportunistic outcome, having representation on your side can also make the process simpler and less stressful. Whether you are at the point of filling out paperwork or you desire to appeal the decision, your Myler disability representative can assist you so this is a smooth process.

Case Evaluation
Before you sign on with a disability advocate, you will want to sit down with your chosen professional and have your case evaluated. At this time you will be asked to explain the current situation and present any information and evidence that you have on hand. Your case then can be discussed and from there you will be told what the predicted outcome is or what the final goal will be. It is completely up to you if you are comfortable working with a certain professional. Make sure you feel that person is experienced and has a good track record when it comes to cases like yours.

Advocate Assistance
Aside from being your primary representation throughout this process, you may wonder what exactly you will be provided from your attorney or advocate. Some of these duties include the following:

-Assistance with filling out forms in a fast manner.
-Properly filing your claim initially.
-Proceed with the appeal process if necessary.
-Send you in the right direction when it comes to doctors so you have the appropriate documentation on hand.
-Answers questions throughout the process.
-Gather evidence from doctors and professionals.
-Handle proceedings for you and notify you when updates have occurred.
-Handle the process of a hearing in front of a judge.
-Prepares you for any questioning you may incur during the process.
-Makes sure your benefits amount is calculated fairly and appropriately.

Keep in mind that many disability advocates require you to pay them if and only if you win your case. When you end up receiving your funds, they are typically paid to your retroactive to when you first filed your claim and began working with a representative. It is from this time that the fees will be calculated and often times, paid directly to your advocate on your behalf.

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